About Us

A property development company specialising in niche developments

From small projects such as refurbishments and conversions, to new residential and commercial buildings.

We pride ourselves on delivering a first class and personal service to our clients and are able to take on projects of any size and specification.

Our personal approach provides an unrivalled bespoke service taking a project from inception through to completion delivering successfully completed projects within the agreed timescales and budgets. With our wealth of experience we are able to cover all aspects of a project creating a stress free environment for our clients.

Project Management

Driven by the pursuit of excellence

Effective project management is a core element of our business. Driven by the pursuit of excellence, Pinpoint Projects has a hard earned reputation for innovation, timely delivery and exceptional service.

At Pinpoint Projects we take great pride in achieving and surpassing the quality our clients expect. Our goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations.

Maximizing the value of your asset in a cost effective and timely manner

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Planning & Design

We believe in a common sense approach to challenges to create functional & cost efficient solutions

Working closely alongside a local architect, we are able to offer a complete co-ordinated architectural and construction design service including feasibility studies, planning and Listed Building applications, and Building Regulations approval.

We understand the importance of ensuring that our clients vision is brought to fruition. Our client-centered approach allows a scheme to be developed where our clients’ vision is always accurately reflected in the final product.

Property Renovation

Reputation for brilliance

PinPoint Projects have developed a reputation for brilliance, renovating properties based on our core principles of quality, innovation and creativity. These principles, combined with the use of some of the region’s most skilled craftsmen and a dedication towards customer care, enable us to exceed our clients expectations.

Interior Design

Every aspect and detail is taken into account

With our library of contacts we can guide you to selecting the right designer to meet your requirements. We work closely with the designer throughout the project to ensure every aspect and detail is taken into account.


Our buying power enables us to procure materials at very competitive prices resulting in significant savings for our clients. Whatever you require, we can source it.


Adding that personal touch. Why be restricted to choosing from brochures or catalogues?

PinPoint Projects work closely with a whole range of manufacturers that will enable you to create a truly unique and personalised interior.

Anything is possible

  • Design your own carpet
  • Create your own bespoke items of furniture
  • Produce your own feature wallpaper
  • Mould your own cornice & plasterwork features
  • Form your own light fittings

Latest Projects

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